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Paridhi x Shreyash BG00.png

Paridhi & Shreyash


"In a glance, two hearts align under stars that softly shine.  
In this dance, love's sweet design, Forever yours, forever mine."

Paridhi & Shreyash's love story, rich in care and compassion for each other and their families, blossomed like a well-tended garden. Shreyash's gentle understanding of Paridhi's dreams and her unwavering support for his ambitions spoke volumes of their mutual respect and admiration. Their families became one, intertwined by love and care.


Paridhi and Shreyash showed towards each other's loved ones, embodying the true essence of unity.

In a celebration that mirrored the simplicity and beauty of their love, Paridhi and Shreyash vowed to journey through life together, promising to be each other's anchor and sail. Their wedding was a testament to the belief that love is not just about two people coming together but about families merging, cultures blending, and hearts uniting. Their story taught us that when love is rooted in understanding and nurtured by care, it grows beyond boundaries, creating a lasting legacy of love.

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